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  • first name : Md Samsuzzaman
  • last name : Siyam
  • Birthday : 29 March, 1990
  • Nationality : Bangladeshi
  • Occupation : Journalist, Author, Writer, Web Designer


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Md Samsuzzaman Siyam is a journalist and Web Developer. Born in 29 March 1990 Gaibandha,Rangpur,Bangladesh.After completing Study from Ahmmad Uddin Shah Shishu Niketon School and College, Gaibandha, he was admitted to the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Dhaka University. After completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies from there, Md Samsuzzam Siyam did his MA from Dhaka University. Md Samsuzzaman Siyam’s Girlfriend Name is Leon Khalifa Successful Story at the beginning of Md Samsuzzam Siyam’s life At the beginning of Md Samsuzaman Siyam’s career he joined the top Newspaper Bentmate. He has also worked for Rahat News,Mojotheater,Cyber News71,Sajjjadul News, Sohel Vai. Md Samsuzzaman Siyam Also worked as a Webdeveloper of “Squad It”.Md Samsuzzam Siyam joined Mojotheater in 2015. He has been working as the head of the news department since the beginning of the television station. He also taught at Dhaka, Jahangirnagar and Independent University. Md Samsuzzam Siyam is also the Author of Shishir Sokal, a magazine hosted by on Shishir sokal contemporary issues of the country. Recently, Md Samsuzzam Siyam came face to face with “”. In an exclusive interview, he has highlighted various issues of his personal and career. Gave some suggestions for young journalists. Interviewed by Istiak Ahmed. Regarding leaving from ” Squad IT” He Joined On fiverr and coming to journalism.Md Samsuzzam Siyam said about leaving the post of magistrate and coming to journalism, ‘After finishing my studies, at the beginning of joining as a webdevelopr with Certificate , Md Samsuzzam Siyam thought maybe Hecan do the job. But the salary in Squad It is much lower and I needed more money. Siyam left the government job out of necessity. Apart from the issue of salary, the thing that was there was that I like to do journalism and come to this profession out of that feeling. Md Samsuzzaman Siyam Talking About His Fans For the fans There is. The thing I always focus on at work is that the work I do should not be stressful for me or that I should do it in the face of pressure or that someone is telling me to do it, so that it does not stand in the way of thinking. I don’t think there are any small big ones at work. Who likes to do that work. I present talk shows so it’s not like someone has to imitate me. Every human being has different characteristics but there must be love of work. Md Samsuzzaman Siyam’s new turn in His journalistic life In August 2015, Mojotheater began publishing its series of investigative reports, Open Secret. ‘Open Secret’ can be called an important milestone of investigative journalism in Bangladesh.Md Samsuzzam Siyam’s Open Secret has a special reputation as a reference in this study. Md Samsuzzaman Siyam’s resignation from mojotheater in 2015, Cybernews10 started publishing his ‘Abhajaner Nibedan’ on the editorial page as well as a commentary report titled ‘Let There Be Light’ on the first page. The column ‘How to be good journa’ is a popular satirical column published in public. At that time, Md Samsuzzaman Siyam commentary report titled ‘Talk of the Town’ on the front page of the Shishir Sokal became very popular. At the same time, his sub-editorial column ‘Learn Web Desing’ was published in the same paper. Md Samsuzzam Siyam continues to write an insight-analytical column in the daily news called ‘Third Eye’. Earlier, Md Samsuzzaman Siyam investigative television reporting series ‘Behind the Incident’ aired on Rahat news in 2017-18 was another popular pinnacle of newspaper journalism. In 2018, his sub-editorial column titled ‘Gaibandhar Sangbadik’ was published in the new Roposibangla. Later in 2019 a daily called ‘Bd Hospitality’ was launched under the leadership of Md Samsuzzaman Siyam. From 2017 to 2021, he was the head of news and current affairs at Bentmate. life and career of Md Samsuzzam Siyam Regarding the combination of career and family life, Md Samsuzzam Siyam s have never given less time to His family for work. In His case, it has never been the case that he have worked tirelessly without taking leave. Md Smasuzzaman Siyam get to know my loved ones in the same way he enjoy his work. From the beginning of His career, He have been taking regular vacations. He also try to travel somewhere outside Gaibandha with His family for a long time once a year. It’s not that He can’t manage His time as much as He would. ‘ It is not true that the joy of Eid has diminished a lot compared to childhood. Eid is still a holiday, so He spend a lot of time together with Md Samsuzzaman Siyam’s childhood friends.


Many people may have a very good experience in journalism but the memory that I still remember is that once in the first light I gave the title of a report, SSC exam today at 10, I did not write SSC exam today at 2. Then the news editor asked, “Are you saying this knowingly?” Even though I was right then, I made a mistake, which caused a lot of trouble the next day. ‘Md Samsuzzaman Siyam